Since 1993 we offer qualified assistance for dynamic loudspeakers of any brand of the past & present age.
We restore & repair any component regarding your loudspeakers, including cabinets, from simply cleaning & sanitizing,
up to restoring damaged or even missing parts, speaker grilles & dust caps of any type & brand.
All of our interventions aim to conserve the originality of the product by only replacing parts that are strictly necessary,
using only first quality and fully consistent materials in order to ensure the best performance and benefits,
safeguarding your speakers.
Only exception is related to woofer & midrange restorations in foam. We highly recommend replacements
with our treated cloth surround. We guarantee the same, identical performance with no risk whatsoever of deteriorating,
so for giving you a product that will last a lifetime!!!

We thank the hundreds of demanding enthusiasts who have granted us their reliance over the last twenty years
by committing their precious speakers to us for repair & maintenance.

Qualified assistance at its best is our commitment, your entire satisfaction is our abundance.


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Partit I.V.A. : 11101780150
Tel: 02 9356 1871 Tel.Cell: 348 747 6602